Did you know that there are approximately eight billion people on the earth? Mathematically speaking, that means there are close to 16 billion feet. Did you know that out of those 16 billion feet that no two are alike? Yes, that’s right…not even your own two feet are the same. Each has its own shape, movement style and voice, literally. According to research conducted by the Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH), over 50% of the adults surveyed experience at least one painful foot condition—from blisters, calluses, corns, plantar fasciitis to more serious neuropathy. When your feet hurt, they are simply asking for help. Wow, that’s potentially a lot of talking going on!

Your Feet Talk

THOR•LO’s passion and purpose is to be Caretakers of the World’s Feet. We know that millions of people’s feet are hurting and that no two feet are the same; therefore, we want to take the time necessary to listen and understand your individual situation. In fact, the entire THOR•LO leadership team -50 out of the company’s overall 250 employees-reviews consumer feedback daily. “We have evolved into being much more than a sock company,” affirms company owner Jim Throneburg. “We are now in the relationship business that provides premier foot protection.”

Thorlos Listens

All THOR•LO employees understand the value of convenience is immeasurable to you. When you call during regular business hours, you’ll speak directly with a kind yet knowledgeable consumer service representative versus an automated voice recording. Thȯrlos understands the importance of taking the time necessary to answer all of the questions you have as well as partner with you to develop your proper and personalized foot protection solution through its padded socks.

When you shop with us online, you can expect hassle-free navigation with quick uploads and minimum clicks to get what you want. And if we ever make a mistake in serving your best long-term foot health needs, we want to hear from you so that we can help address your concerns right away. We’ll make it easy for you to return your product, if necessary, and we will celebrate that you informed us about your experience. “I never really thought about how much socks affected my comfort, but after hearing my friend rave about Thȯrlos [padded] socks, I had to give them a try. I am very impressed by the comfort, the breath-ability and just how much better my feet feel while wearing these socks. I am a fan!! Thank you Andy and Thȯrlos!” offers wearer Mark V. In purchasing any of its products, Thȯrlos knows it must consistently exceed customers’ expectations in order to be considered a bargain. “Thȯrlos continues to exceed my expectations and I wear no others,” adds wearer James K. “There are no competitors if you care about your feet.”

While Thȯrlos gladly enjoys listening to you and your feet, we believe you will agree with us in our deeper appreciation behind the saying, “Silence is golden.”

If you haven’t yet experienced Thȯrlos comfort benefits, visit www.thorlo.com and sign up to receive a free pair (there are eight styles from which you can choose one pair).*

*$5 S/H fee.

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