Rock band Aerosmith’s iconic tune “Walk This Way” is the first thing I heard playing on radio this morning during my office commute. Shamelessly I’ll admit that I sang along freely, particularly since I know all the words by heart. While sounding horribly out of tune, I might add, it dawned on me that yesterday was recognized as National Walk at Lunch Day. I suppose that’s an appropriate way to usher out the month of April, which is also coined as National Foot Health Awareness month. One might consider the experience serendipitous. Nonetheless, let’s talk about walking and our feet.

According to a recent article published in The New York Times, a leisurely lunchtime stroll can bolster people’s moods as well as their ability to effectively manage stress at work. I’m not sharing anything new with you either in that walking is healthy, and that people who walk or otherwise exercise regularly tend to be more relaxed, alert and happy than people who are inactive. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow, that sounds great, but my feet hurt and the last thing I want to do is go for a walk!” My reply to you is, “You’re not alone!”

thumb_1237_default_largeA survey recently conducted by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) stated that 77% of Americans experience foot pain but only one third of those would seek advice from a podiatrist. Needless to say, foot pain can have a far-reaching impact on the quality of life. Half of all adults say that foot pain has restricted their activities—like walking, exercising, working, or playing with grandchildren—in some way. For those with chronic foot pain, that number jumps to 83 percent.

There’s no truer to life example of debilitative foot pain than that experienced by THOR●LO Inc. founder Jim Throneburg. Excessive weight gain had created life-threatening illnesses for Throneburg; therefore, he was admitted to Duke University’s weight loss program. Walking was an essential component to Jim’s exercise regimen, yet his feet caused him severe pain when doing so. Being the artistic minded designer that he is, Jim worked closely with the (then Thorneburg Hosiery) technicians in determining and strategically allocating variable density padding along the ball and the heel of the foot. The first ever padded sock was born. Subsequently, Throneburg invented the term, ‘activity-specific padded sock’ in the 1980s and the company changed its name to THOR●LO Inc. The Thorlos ® brand of padded foot protection (socks) became available. Now offered in 32 activity specific styles, Thorlos is the only brand which has clinically tested padded foot protection that reduces pressures, reduces friction, reduces moisture and reduces pain.

“Comfort like no others!” Shares consumer Kathleen B. “Thorlo socks have extra padding at the ball of your foot and in the heel area as well, making them ultra-soft and comfortable. I try to walk at least 10,000 steps every day and these socks have made it easier to reach my goals! Check them out….you won’t regret it!”

Man with dog at the beach“These socks are amazingly comfortable,” adds consumer Scott K. “I recently wore them for an extended period of time during which I would usually have comfort issues and experienced no such issues. A truly amazing sock.”

“These are the best socks for walking activities,” asserts consumer Glenna D. “I have fibromyalgia and foot neuropathy. My feet and ankles cause me pain long into the night. I can tell a major difference when I have worn these socks vs. others. My feet still burn and hurt but not near as much. Not to the point of wanting to cry. I ordered 4 more pair to keep me going. I don’t want to be without Thorlos again and they feel so great I don’t want to try any of the others. They give true cushioning.”

Which brings us back to where we started… talking, or singing, rather about walking and the awareness of our overall foot health. So whether you’re “Walking on Sunshine,” “Walking on Water,” or even “Walking On By,” Thorlos embodies the fact that our feet are the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle, so make sure they are comfortable and power on.

Have you experienced the comfort benefits of Thorlos? For further information about the company, the products and their upcoming sales promotion of ‘buy three, get one free,’ visit Thorlos web site.

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