Candy, flowers, stuffed animals, romantic rendezvous and of course, all things related to the heart…each are symbols that we’ve come to identify with Valentine’s Day.   So when we hear the word, ‘feet,’ unless it has to do with perhaps a foot massage and/or a pedicure, we may not immediately associate our feet with our hearts.   But, the feet are in fact considered our second heart. They are vital in orchestrating proper blood circulation. Additionally, our feet can be effective indicators to our overall well-being.

With that being said, the next era of health care will be focused on proactive or preventive measures rather than reactive. A key building block to prevention is for all of us to be highly active and to remain that way for as many years as possible. This is where Thorlos comes in. They are committed to caring for and protecting the feet of everyone in our family including our parents and grand- children.

A family owned footwear manufacturer in Statesville, NC, Thorlos offers a five-phase, padded foot protection (sock) program that begins with children and progresses to senior adults. It is a comprehensive way to serve our family’s foot health needs during the following stages of life:

Phase 1: Protect the growth plates of young children’s feet.

Phase 2: Protect the healthy feet of athletic teens and younger adults.

Phase 3: Maximize comfort throughout the middle years for work, play and living life fully.

Phase 4: Assure sports veterans – as years of participation can take a toll on our feet – have the best activity specific foot protection that’s been clinically shown to reduce foot pain that would otherwise preclude us from enjoying the sports we’ve come to love.

Phase 5: Provide protection for the special needs of diabetic and arthritic feet.

Below are what some consumers have recently shared about their experiences with Thorlos:

“Very comfortable, these socks do exactly what they claim to do for people with feet problems, states customer Ken. “Thank you. Customer for life!!”

 “Actually, I bought these as a birthday present for my husband,” adds Cary. “His birthday is next month. I bought them early to take advantage of the buy 3 get one free sale. They look to me as if they will be very comfortable and because they are dark, he can wear them to work and for dress. I have given him the sports crew socks and I notice that he wears them every chance he gets so I think these will be a hit.”

 “I have horrible feet, offers customer John, “Plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuromas, atrophied plantar fat pads, obesity, and arthritis.   Walking on concrete floors all day for forty years and still at it. Freaking wonderful socks, could not make it through the day without them. I’m sending all my diabetic and foot pain patients your way.”

My feet don’t hurt when I wear these socks and I’ve been able to increase the distance I walk my dogs without any pain in my feet,” agrees Carla.” It doesn’t get any better!”

“My feet never felt so good when I put the socks on, then my shoes for the day,” comments Peg. “My feet and legs never tire out on me the entire day. I spend most of the day shoveling snow and being outdoors. My feet stayed dry and warm the entire time. The construction of the socks make the feet feel so cozy and comfortable. I felt like they were laying in an overstuffed easy chair. I absolutely love these socks.”

So when making those purchases this Valentine’s Day, sure, a romantic dinner, flowers or a card are great, but add a pair of Thorlos that will cradle your loved one’s feet and protect them such that they can EXPERIENCE BETTER FEET-BETTER LIFE®.

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