Thank you to our Troops

Protecting the Feet of Those Who Protect Our Freedom

“Socks, cushion sole, O.D. green. Try and keep your feet dry.  I want you boys to remember to change your socks wherever we stop.” Gary Sinise’s iconic portrayal of Lieutenant Dan in award winning film “Forrest Gump” could not more accurately describe the emphasis that should be placed on soldier’s foot care.

Imagine not only wearing the same pair of boots and socks for days, even weeks but also walking miles to save the lives of others or even that of your best friend.   Couple that with fatigue, blisters, and foot pain, the discomfort is debilitating. Now Imagine NOT having those foot issues because you are wearing Thorlos ® the only clinically tested padded (CTP) foot protection (sock) brand.

Thorlos launches troop donations

As we begin the season of holiday gift giving, Thorlos, hand-crafted in Statesville, North Carolina, invites you to consider participating in its Troops Donations Program.  What a simple way to show your appreciation to those who give of themselves selflessly so that we may experience one of the greatest gifts of all: Freedom.

You can donate by purchasing one or three pairs of our Thorlos clinically-tested padded military socks at our manufacturing costs to honor and support our members of the armed services at will make sure your donation gets to our troops, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something extraordinary. The ideal scenario would be to provide three pairs of Thorlos for each service member —one pair to wash, one pair to dry and one pair to wear. We send the product with “handy-wipes” so the troops can clean their feet in the field before they put the socks you donate on their feet. “Our goal is to send 5,000 pairs to forward troops in active conflict zones,” said Chuck Harris (retired Sargent Major) who heads the effort at THORLO.

Thorlos clinically-tested padded military boot socks have been put to the ultimate test by Recon, SEAL teams, and Special Forces Units. The ST (Mountaineering boot sock) was the sock of choice of the Special Forces units of the U.S. military for cold weather operations in Afghanistan, and it is the official sock of the Indian Defense Forces. Thorlos was selected because these CTPS provided added protection and comfort while they were deployed, particularly in mountainous areas where the terrain features rock faces so sharp they can cut through boots.

“My Marine son says these are the best boot socks ever!” exclaims Patty M.  “Whether wearing his jungle boots or combat boots, he loves these socks for the comfort, length, durability and elasticity to roll up skivvies. The Marine Corps has taught my son the best thing you can do every day is take care of your feet with clean socks. They may wear the same clothes for 7-10 days straight in the field but are always told to air out their feet and change their socks. If my Marine is happy, Mom is happy!”

“I purchased these socks for a Sailor who is in the Ceremonial Guard / Casket Bearers,” offers Margaret S.  “At first I sent him 3 pairs to see how he liked them. Well, he absolutely loves them! Said they are the only socks he ever wears now performing duties. So, I bought him 3 more pairs 🙂 I appreciate the reviews that people post because it is from these reviews that I decided which socks to get him. GO NAVY!”

Here’s how we can work together to help give our troops some peace of mind regarding their foot care needs.

Click here to participate:

As Woodrow Wilson once said, “When they the American soldiers came, they found fit comrades for their courage and their devotion…joining hands with them, the men and [women] of America gave the greatest of all gifts: the gift of life and the gift of spirit.”   Let’s do our part in providing some comfort for their soles.

About Thorlos:  Family-owned THOR•LO Inc. designs and manufactures padded socks in Statesville, N.C., and operates a distribution center in Rockwell, N.C. THOR•LO is the originator of activity-specific padded socks, and the Thȯrlos® brand provides consumers with foot protection and comfort. Scientific, peer-reviewed research stands behind the Thorlos promise: “Your Feet Will Feel Better.” For more information about Thorlos visit

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