Heart disease hits close to home for most of us. I lost both my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother to heart attacks. And my Dad received a fourth stint to unclog a 75% blocked artery a couple of weeks ago. Male or female no one is immune. The Washington Times reported earlier this week that heart disease is the number one killer of American women — that is more than breast cancer, stroke or car accidents combined—a startling statistic.

It’s February and many think of hearts in the sense of Valentine’s Day, but did you know that February is also American Heart Month? On February 6th we acknowledge “Go Red for Women” day to raise awareness and encourage heart health actions so that future lives can be saved.

While men and women may experience different symptoms associated with heart disease, it is critical to understand three primary risk factors: increasing age, a family history of cardiovascular disease and being male. A number of risk factors can be modified by controlling blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and stress. Eating healthy, maintaining a proper weight and getting plenty of physical activity are important steps to heart health as well.

mature man walking treadmillBeing active is probably the most effective first step, and our feet are our primary means of mobility. Walking is one of the most common and affordable weight-bearing aerobic exercises. We can walk anywhere; take a stroll outdoors, around the neighborhood or on a treadmill indoors. All we need are a good pair of sneakers and properly fitted foot protection (socks). Researchers state that every minute we walk extends our life by one and a half to two minutes. That’s equivalent to doubling the number of years we have left.

Regardless of our overall size, our feet are the farthest from our hearts and can tell us a great deal about the health of our cardiovascular systems. Suffice to say, our feet are critical for life…literally. We need to pay more attention to what our feet are telling us.

THOR●LO Inc., based in, North Carolina, is the inventor of padded socks for specific activities and a leader in the preventive foot health business. Through its Thorlos ® brand of padded foot protection (socks), THOR●LO’s purpose and passion is to encourage everyone to embrace life and experience it to its fullest.

Whether our job requires us to be on our feet or we want stay heart healthy active by going for a walk, run, hike, playing tennis, skiing, etc. Thorlos is the only brand that offers clinically tested padded foot protection in 32 activity specific styles. These products have been clinically tested to reduce pressures, reduce friction, reduce moisture and reduce pain.

Below are a few examples of our most recent consumer feedback:

runner's foot1These are terrific socks, no make them outstanding socks. My feet have never experienced the support and comfort while running that they do when I wear a pair of Thorlos. I admit that there are other brands of running socks on the market but I have found none that match the comfort and support found in these socks. These are not clothing items but running tools. I truly enjoy them!” ~ M. Ramos

These socks are great for distance running. One thing I really like is it has a little padding at the back of the ankle so that the top of the shoe doesn’t cause blisters. I had a hard time getting socks that wouldn’t fall below the top edge of the shoe causing me all types of problems. This sock foots the bill.” ~ Ginger A.

“I have been using your socks exclusively for over 15 years and can honestly say that your product is well worth the cost. As I get older I find that my feet are more sensitive to the slightest pain and your socks help cushion the day to day grind. I will always use Thorlo socks to protect my feet. Thanks for a great product that delivers.”” ~ Ron D.

“I’ve been buying Thorlos for years, but these are the best I’ve ever had. They are so cushiony! And looking at the pretty pink color makes me smile whenever I put them on. 🙂 Have worn them on long walks and hikes, with gym shoes and hiking boots, and they feel absolutely great! My feet feel like they are walking on down pillows.” ~ Karen W.thumb_1237_default_large

We all have but one life to live. Every positive change we can make impacts the quality of our lives. We should always talk with our doctor first about any of our risk factors and how to best manage them. Eating heart-healthy and exercising 30 minutes a day four to six days per week can go a long way to assist with managing those risks. Find an exercise buddy, join an exercise group or a fitness center. And most importantly, make sure our feet are comfortable and ready to move. In other words, may our feet take us where our hearts want to go.

Have you yet experienced the comfort benefits of Thȯrlos®? Visit www.thorlo.com/free-sock-offer/hearthealth2015 and sign up to receive a free pair.*


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