Marathoner Daren Wendell Shares His Story

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I am pleased to partner with Thorlos in their efforts to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer research and education.

Not only am I an avid marathoner, but also the co-founder of Active Water, an organization that provides safe drinking water to vulnerable people in Africa. Prior to launching Active Water, I graduated from Kentucky Christian University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Youth and Family Ministries and enjoy speaking about the global water and sanitation crisis to churches, youth groups, schools, small businesses as well as at conferences.

In an effort to raise both money and awareness for Active Water, I agreed to run 100 marathons in 100 days earlier this year.   After traveling across 14 states, wearing exclusively Thorlos JMX and exhausting ten pairs of running shoes, I exceeded my goal and can still hear the crowds chanting, “Run Daren, Run!”

On a more personal note, I lost my grandmother to cancer about four years ago, so when Thorlos contacted me about my potential involvement, I welcomed the opportunity. I always loved going down to my Grandma’s house as a young whippersnapper. Their house which was surrounded by woods always kept me busy as a young explorer. But with so much exploration being done, I could always count on Grandma Roth to have something cooking with a smile on her face. She always kept me in line as well as always asked me about my faith in a way that only grandma was allowed to do…. which was as direct as she could be.

I loved my grandma’s house because of grandma. It has been 4 years since cancer took her to heaven. She had breast cancer which she beat …. twice and a rare type called Merkel cell carcinoma that is rare… but aggressive skin cancer.  I have always been thankful for how far cancer research has come. I know that though there is no cure for cancer… yet. But I also know that because of generous donors and research that her life was extended which gave me more time with my grandmother.

That being said, Thorlos has raised over $534,000 in donations and support thus far during the past eight years in their efforts for breast cancer with those funds being donated to the following worthy organizations:

  • American Cancer Society/Making Strides for Breast Cancer
  • CR Wood Cancer Center
  • It’s the Journey – Atlanta 2 Day Walk
  • Joy To Life Foundation
  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • National Breast Cancer Coalition

Thorlos breast cancer pink causeThorlos will donate one dollar for every pair of six specific styles sold to one of the charities mentioned above or the charity of your choice

I am always thankful for initiatives like this. Because without them… my grandmother’s time with our family would have been much more limited.

Please join me in supporting the health of your feet through Thorlos and support their efforts in “pinking up the pace” against breast cancer.

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