“Perhaps it’s because his shoes were too tight or the fact that his heart was full of unwashed socks,” we all know that the Grinch initially hated Christmas. Ever since I was a little girl, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has always been one of my favorite shows to watch during the holiday season. The moment the Grinch realizes that Christmas comes even though he took everything from Whoville is a compelling message …for kids of all ages. “How could it be so? It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!”

I’m sure you’ll agree that it can be difficult to imagine celebrating Christmas today without thinking about gift giving. Have you ever taken pause to question, “Why do we give gifts at Christmas?” Generally speaking, many of us know that the giving of gifts at Christmas originates from those of gold, frankincense and myrrh which were given to baby Jesus by the three wise men (Magi).

As time has moved on, it’s easy to become enveloped by the aura of the latest gadgets, the barrage of sales and plethora of enticements to buy those gotta have it high end items. I come back to the Grinch analogy. The holiday season is truly more about giving and less about receiving. It is more about faith and family. The holidays are a time to reflect upon the blessings you have, spending the time with those you care about, and helping those who may not be as fortunate as you. I can still hear my grandmother’s voice inside my head saying, “Remember it’s the thoughtfulness and the action of giving that matters most, not the tangible item itself. Compassion and demonstrating to someone that he or she matters is the most cherished gift of all.”

I believe it’s also important to note that “This is not the most wonderful time of year” for those who are challenged with health and/or financial issues. Did you know that socks are the number one most requested item for shelters and charitable organizations during the holiday season? You may be thinking, “Socks?! Who wants socks for Christmas?!” For those who rely greatly on their feet for their jobs, their mobility, those who spend long hours outside in cold temperatures, and those who experience foot pain, an item that provides comfort, warmth and reduces pain is indeed a welcomed gift. “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair.”

thumb_1281_product_photogra_highdefIn all seriousness, we at THOR●LO are Southern craftsmen committed to empathically serving the best foot health interests of our loyal customers (current and future) every day of the year. Whether that be for a teenager at a grueling two-week lacrosse camp or a retired person focused on being as active as possible. This is how we think about feet…how they allow us to do what we need and love to do. We consider ourselves to be the “caretakers of the world’s feet.” Thorlos clinically tested padded foot protection (socks) have developed 32 activity specific products that are engineered specifically for feet that do hurt as well as those that do not hurt.

“I did not know these socks existed,” comments Cheryl L. “That’s how I found them, thinking of ‘inventing’ socks that would pad the bottom of your feet. I checked the internet on how to go about that. I waitress and am always on my feet. I was thrilled to see such a product existed. I sent for some right away. I have since had one of our cooks send for them also after recommending them to her. And I bought some for my manager for Christmas as he had broken his heel five months ago and could use the extra cushioning. Thanks for making a great product that helps people stay happy.”

2014HolidayPromoBetween now and January 4, 2015, Thorlos is offering a buy three and get one free on line and/or at participating retailers. 32 activity specific styles are available, each with clinically tested padding that is strategically located on the ball and heel of the foot that reduce pressures, friction and moisture. Additionally, Thorlos’ Experia line of products will be available in a four pair gift box ($45 for a $60 value). Visit www.thorlo.com for more information on the holiday promotion.

“I’m sold on Thorlos after wearing the socks for hiking,” asserts Joyce T. “I already purchased several pairs as a Christmas present for my husband who is a runner. Your socks rock!” “I’m on my feet all day,” adds James G. “And I always look forward to the time I can wear these socks… because time and pain fly away! I love them. I just hate it took me so long to find them. Back again and buy three get one free? YOU better believe it! Thanks for pain free work.” “Wore my pair on a recent five day hiking trip to the NC Mountains,” concludes Dan O. “These were the most comfortable socks I have ever had the pleasure of wearing in my 68 years. You have earned a new customer and spokesman for your products. I know what I want for Christmas. I am diabetic and these socks made my hiking so much more enjoyable.”thumb_2645_product_photogra_highdef

This brings me back to where we started with the Grinch and his transformation. Through the act of giving, Whoville says the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day. Thorlos heart is large similarly in that we believe our gift of preventative foot health enables those to do what they love most with those who matter most.

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