Not only has Statesville, North Carolina earned the designation as an “All American City” two times, it is also home to the family-owned business, THOR●LO, Inc.   You may think, so what?  There are thousands of family-owned businesses in North Carolina.  I ask you to consider this:  how many items do you use or wear daily that are completely made in the United States of America?  I trust that it doesn’t take you too long to realize that these items are few and far between.   Thȯrlos® clinically-tested padded foot protection (socks) have been and will continue to be solely made in the United States (no pun intended).  Sure, Thȯrlos® are unique in the fact that they are made exclusively stateside, but perhaps more importantly, their authenticity is deeply rooted within the hearts of each and every THOR●LO employee.   Everyone within the 250-employee company is considered to be a family member, and all family members are committed to the utmost in craftsmanship and quality.  Additionally, THOR●LO genuinely cares about its consumers.  “We take pride in making the best products possible and we care about the people who wear them, as well as the people who make them,” offers THOR●LO founder and owner, Jim Throneburg.  THOR●LO’s passion and purpose is to be the Caretakers of the World’s Feet.  Millions of people’s feet are hurting; therefore, the company takes the time necessary to understand individuals’ situations so that it can be a true partner in finding the right foot protection solution. “I have been wearing Thorlos since 1983,” shares wearer Al S. “They are the best, not only do they feel good to my feet, they have been good for my feet. They may cost a little more than some socks, but you get what you pay for and a whole lot more ‘comfort’! Thanks for being there over the years!!!!!”   “Our goal is to provide our consumers with the unique value of better feeling feet,” concludes Jim. “We believe this kind of culture and commitment cannot be reproduced outside the U.S.A.” The words “made with pride in the USA” are forever engraved on the hearts and minds of everyone involved with THOR●LO, Inc.

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2 response to THOR●LO: Our Heart Is On the Soles of America

  1. Marilyn Thomas

    I just wanted you to know how much I love your product. I have been using the walking socks for several years, and have been darning them because I wear out the big toe. I just bought a pair of running socks. The toe seemed to have more reinforcement (could be my imagine) so I will see if they wear better. I have an odd size (women’s 12 shoe and flat footed so my weight shifts inward, consequently the wear on the toe). I’m so thankful you make your socks in a size that is comfortable for me.

    I know how my 25-year-old wearing your socks.

    Thank you!
    Marilyn Thomas
    Homewood, Illinois

    1. sally_kay

      Hi Marilyn,
      We sincerely appreciate your kind words about Thorlos and are pleased to know you and your 25-year-old are wearing them! We are grateful for the opportunity to be the caretakers of your feet!

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