Aaaahhhh, there’s  nothing more exhilarating than inhaling that first breath of crisp, mountain air.  You exhale slowly and allow the week’s busyness to flow freely from your mind.   The laurel is in full bloom and adds a splash of color to the otherwise evergreen canvass.  As you make your way down the winding path, you pause to savor your morning coffee’s aroma before taking a sip.  Squirrels scurry among the leaves and you hear the din of a persistent woodpecker making its new residence in one of the hardwoods ahead.  Nature has painted a beautiful sky in a kaleidoscope of colors which prompts you to reach for your camera bag to capture this moment.   Then all of a sudden, “ouch,” moan your feet as you shift your weight.   What began as a relaxing, early morning hike soon turned unpleasant, all because your feet hurt and are uncomfortable.

Foot Protection for Hiking

We as “weekend warriors” and long-distance hikers alike can experience something that puts our feet at risk for blisters or other injuries, no matter how acclimated our feet are to the trail.  We shouldn’t just cover our feet but rather protect them with Thȯrlos clinically-tested padded hiking socks.  Thȯrlos padding has been shown in independent published research studies to reduce not only blisters, but also foot pain, pressures that can lead to skin abrasions and moisture.  “I love my hiking Thȯrlos,” offers wearer Anne W.  “I’ve worn Woolrich and Smartwool and they just don’t compare for padding, comfort and durability. Thȯrlos are awesome!”

When we hike, our feet are subjected to a repetitive heel-to-toe motion, and that motion is often interrupted by steep ascents, scrambling across rocks and boulders, downhill stretches, and even off-trail excursions (planned or not!) that can involve dramatic changes in terrain. And, of course, depending on the time of year and geographic location, the temperature can range from 100+ degrees to sub-zero.  “I broke my ankle just above the joint 24 years ago and it was set incorrectly. My choices are to have it re-broken, or find a way to live with it. So far, I’ve been living with it,” adds wearer Kathy P.  “Thȯrlos make it so much easier. Who would think that a [padded] sock could make the difference between walking back out of the Grand Canyon and limping back out of the Grand Canyon? There is something about the way they fit that keeps my ankle from swelling, which keeps it from locking up. Your mileage may vary, but I am sold on these [padded] socks!”

Thȯrlos offers a variety of padded sock styles for hiking… for feet that hurt as well as those that do not.

If you haven’t yet experienced Thȯrlos comfort benefits, visit and sign up to receive a free pair.*

*$5 S/H fee.

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