Thorlos New Cleated Foot Protection Enables You to Be There For Your Team

America’s Iconic retired football player, coach and motivational speaker Lou Holtz once said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down – it’s the way you carry it.” Let’s take a moment and think about what Lou is saying. Our feet are ultimately our method of carrying ourselves. Particularly when we are active and, our feet serve as our power source. Did you realize that with each step we take, we place our entire body weight onto our feet?

There are times when we are walking that the pressure on our feet exceeds our body weight, and when we’re running, it can be three or four times our weight. Perhaps that’s why there is over 25,000 foot/ankle related injuries reported each day in the United States. With both youth and professional fall sports now fully underway, all I have to do is scan the assorted news media outlets that cite players of all sports disciplines that have been plagued by some foot related condition and/or injury. Why might you ask?

Well, let’s pretend we are all players on the same football team for a few minutes. Every play we make starts with our feet, regardless of our position on the field and/or whether we’re playing offense or defense. In other words, our feet are our personalized launching pads. What type of shoes do we wear on our feet? Cleats…you are correct. The rugged construction of cleats allows our feet to withstand a beating, yet their insoles tend to be thin, providing little protection from impact and pressure points on hard surfaced fields. Whether our feet land on a hard spot or go through repetitive pounding during two-a-day practices, we’re at risk for a sore or—worse yet—an injured foot. Sore feet are unacceptable because sore feet result in slow feet, something we can’t risk when we’re competing for a starting position or are in the midst of a critical play in the fourth quarter or final inning.

Now I’m not here to bash cleats, because this specialized footwear certainly has its advantages; however, as with most sports equipment, improper use, sizing and/or fit can elicit an unfavorable experience. When our feet hurt, unfortunately everything else our game suffers. Whew…after all this mental exercise are you now ready for a time out? Grab a squirt from the water bottle, wipe your face with a towel but keep listening. Believe me, your feet will appreciate what I’m about to share.

Thorlos® has applied everything it knows about protecting the foot in the design of its new cleated sports – football, lacrosse, baseball- padded foot protection (athletic sock). As in all Thorlos padded sport products, the protection begins with the engineered padding on the ball, heel, Achilles tendon and over the toes of the foot—padding that’s been clinically-tested and shown to:

• Reduce Foot Pain
• Reduce Blisters
• Reduce Impact Pressures
• Reduce Moisture

For moisture and foot temperature management, Thorlos cleated padded foot protection (athletic socks) is made with its proprietary THORLON® yarn to wick moisture away from the foot and to maintain the resiliency of the padding from the start till the end of the workout.

A custom spandex band is knit in around the arch and instep to help prevent slipping inside the cleated shoe.

For those who use cleated shoes whose feet hurt, Thorlos offers a product line that is specifically engineered to deliver maximum protection and comfort for any player prone to blisters, foot pain, sweating or discomfort while wearing cleated shoes.

• Constructed with THOR•LON® fibers for superior softness, resilience, durability and moisture-wicking for drier, better feeling feet. Heel padding extends higher to protect Achilles tendon.
• Unique padding in the ball and heel specifically engineered for cleated sports.
• Custom spandex band around arch and instep provides a secure fit and helps prevent slipping inside shoe.
• Cushioning over toes for comfort and additional protection for turf toe.

“Morning sprints in Thorlos new cleated sports product are a game changer,” recently tweeted Wade L with a Charlotte pro sports team.

Ok, let’s resume our roles on our football team for another minute. When our feet feel good we forget about them, which in essence allow us to put our entire focus on every play. When we take care of our feet, we can be there not only for ourselves, but more importantly; we can be there for our team.

“Huddle…huddle! Are we locked? Are we loaded? Ready…break!”

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