No hoof, no horse.” You may have heard of this phrase before; but do you know what it really means? With the Belmont Stakes quickly approaching, the final leg of the prestigious Triple Crown in Thoroughbred horse racing, all eyes are clearly on ‘California Chrome.’ This California- bred colt, initially considered a ‘non-factor’ by most, has not only won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness – two of the three races- but more so the hearts of millions. Who doesn’t root for the ‘underdog’ as well as enjoy a ‘Cinderella Story?”


horse hoof anatomy

So let me get to the point: The caliber of California Chrome’s performance, as well as that of his competitors, is significantly dependent upon their hooves. The hooves are the foundation, literally, from which these 1200 plus pound masses accelerate. The common denominator in satisfying the need for speed resides in a strong, healthy, balanced and protected hoof. The farrier (the one who trims and puts the shoes on the hooves) cannot necessarily make the horse run faster, but he/she can help it perform at its optimum by keeping the hoof properly protected and aligned. Taking these measures, to a large degree, aids in preventing muscle, tendon, ligament, and skeletal injuries.

Human foot anatomy showing padded foot protection (c) THORLO

Human foot anatomy showing padded foot protection (c) THORLO

The possibility of the first Triple Crown winner in many years is a special event that can inspire awareness of the importance of our own foundation for success: our human feet. Have you ever considered the fact that our feet perform in a similar capacity? Whether we are walking, running, hiking, playing tennis or participating in another activity, our feet are foundationally critical to us. Another likeness between horses’ hooves and our feet is the fact that none of them are the same size. Yes, you heard me correctly. While it’s true that horses’ hooves grow continually and the farrier should regularly trim away the excess to keep them balanced and apply shoes for extra protection, we have the option of experiencing Thorlos clinically-tested padded foot protection (socks). Our foot is very dynamic and changes with every step as we walk or run. Our feet may lengthen by one and a half shoe sizes and widen by a full width when we put weight on them. The total part of our foot in contact with the shoe or the ground can increase 30% to 60% when we put our full weight on our feet from a non-weight bearing position. Since our shoes are static, they are unable to expand and contract the way our feet do. Blisters, pressure points, calluses, sore feet, heel pain and other conditions can therefore result. However, using an integrated approach to the fitting of our padded socks, which function as a buffer between our ever-changing feet and stationary shoes, can prevent many of these foot problems.

Thorlo Bubble Logo (2)Thorlos are available in a performance line that offers protection for feet that do not hurt as well as a separate, activity specific line for feet that do hurt. Its engineered padding is not only evidenced to reduce foot conditions by absorbing impact, reducing friction and pressures on the feet, it also moves moisture away from the foot—important because excessive moisture is a catalyst for blisters, athlete’s foot and other fungal and bacterial infections. “Even after buying new running shoes, I was still getting blisters,” shares wearer Nirel R. “A co-worker recommended these socks to me after hearing about my problem. This pair of socks helped protect my feet from blisters while still providing the cushion I needed to run longer distances.” “These socks are wonderful,” adds wearer Wilma V. “They wick away the moisture from my feet and are cushiony at both the heel and the ball of my foot. That makes a huge difference when running and or doing other types of exercise. Buy these socks”.

Will California Chrome fill the 36- year absence of a Triple Crown winner? Time will tell on that outcome, but I can assure you that wearing Thorlos now will keep your feet feeling like they are always in the winner’s circle.

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