Thorlos Sponsors Foot Health Screenings at 2015 Wells Fargo Championship

“Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing, something we was born with, something that’s ours and ours alone, something that can’t be taught to you or learned, something that got to be remembered.” ~ The Legend of Bagger Vance

Do you remember the roles of Junuh, the troubled yet talented golfer played by Matt Damon and Baggar Vance, the mystical caddy played by Will Smith in this Robert Redford film set in the 1930s in Georgia? While the film may have gotten mixed reviews, I do believe it did an effective job in conveying the significance of the caddies’ relationship with his/her player.

Suffice as to say, caddies are as much a standard in golf as are clubs and tees. Not only have caddies been essential to the game for centuries, the occupation is no longer tailored to those looking for odd jobs but rather to those who are interested in having a career in the field.

Sure the caddies’ primary responsibilities include carrying the player’s bag and clubs, but more importantly, they are aware of the challenges and obstacles of the course being played along with the best strategy in playing it. When their job requires walking more than five miles a day, four to six days a week, carrying an extra 60-80 pounds, the last thing a caddie needs is distractions from foot pain or discomfort!


Thorlos Chuck Harris discusses the importance of preventive foot health with a professional player on the PGA Tour.

THOR●LO, Inc., a family owned business based in Statesville, NC and producer of Thorlos © brand of padded foot protection, recently conducted its foot health screenings and offered advice in the Wells Fargo Championship’s Caddie Village for the seventh consecutive year at the Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC. Thorlos is particularly pleased to participate in this event as it is ranked number one on the PGA Tour due its diverse offering of caddie amenities. “We understand the importance of preventive foot health, particularly for those who make a living on their feet,” offers Thorlos certified pedorthist Jerome Gallenstein who has over 50 years of experience in the field. “Regardless of the Thorlos style they choose – crew, mini-crew or roll-top-the goal is to ensure their feet are properly fitted, protected and kept cool and dry.”


Jerome shows Nick the importance of the strategic padding.

Nick Jones of California caddies for Daniel Summerhays and has attended this event for the fourth consecutive year. “I always make sure to stop by Thorlos tent. Currently I wear the 84 N and it provides the protection I need while out on the course. I also enjoy wearing Thorlos running socks.”

Seasoned PGA Coach and Trainer for Angel Cabrera Charlie Epps is a long-time wearer and fan of Thorlos. “I have been in this business since the 1970’s and experienced a lot of issues with my feet,” offered Epps. “Socks never fit me properly until I tried Thorlos. I also didn’t realize the importance of taking care of my feet. Now, I just wear my Thorlos, my feet feel great and I know that they will stay that way all day long!” Epps encourages all of his students and players to have foot health screenings to ensure their feet are comfortable and properly protected.

Each year Thorlos appreciates the opportunity to educate caddies on the importance of taking care of their feet and introducing their brand to those who are unfamiliar with it. “Wow, these feel like little cushions on my feet!” affirms Patrick Horstmann of Florida, caddie for Jason Gore. While Horstmann doesn’t currently experience any foot problems, he is amazed at how much better his feet feel with the extra padding that is strategically located on the balls and heels of his feet. “I’ve never worn them but have heard of them,” adds Charlotte resident Ryan Baucom who caddies for Brice Garnett. “I do understand the importance of taking care of my feet and making sure they are comfortable for my job. I wanted to try Thorlos and experience the difference first-hand.”


Jerome discusses the foot screening findings with Patrick

Rick “Handlebar” Adcox of Ohio has been a caddie since 1971 and had his share of foot discomfort over the years as well as a foot operation. “I am now a loyal Thorlos wearer,” offers Adcox. “This [Quail Hollow] is a special place and the Thorlos folks are good people.”

Which brings us back to where we started….sure the swing is a critical component to the game of golf…but so are the feet. While caddies may not be racehorses, the old mantra ‘no foot, no horse’ remains interchangeable. I’m sure American Pharoah would have to agree.

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