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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I am pleased to partner with Thorlos in their efforts to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer research and education.

Aside from being a long time Thorlos customer, I am also a 39- year veteran Fire Fighter and Paramedic in Nashville, TN. When I started my career with the Nashville Fire Department, there were few women in this male-dominated industry. Now, of course, there are more than ever.

Cancer has affected me personally in that I’m a head and neck survivor! My sister-in-law is currently battling breast cancer, and I know many who have battled this terrible disease – some who have won but far too many who have lost.

As soon as the other Fire Departments around the country started showing their support and wearing pink, I began ‘chomping at the bit’ for our Department to follow suit. We began wearing pink around four years ago. I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that the Fire Service was the last ‘bastion of masculinity,’ and of course pink was never thought of as ‘too masculine.’ That being said, I now add as much pink as they will tolerate! We are allowed to wear the tee shirts (navy with pink lettering) while on duty during the month of October.

Being the big breast cancer awareness proponent that I am, I contacted Thorlos directly and asked, “Why don’t you make pink socks for men to wear and create awareness?” I shared with them the facts that not only did our station crew wear pink T-shirts during the month of October but that I also carried a pink tool box for my side plumbing business! I had only been able to find thin, pink American made socks that were not protective enough for my work. I told them I liked their thicker socks.

Well, Thorlos responded by dyeing its Cleated Foot Protection padded socks in hot pink just as I requested. Thorlos Cleated Foot Protection is now available for a limited time for men, football players and anyone else looking to support the cause in addition to five other styles. https://www.thorlo.com/cause/2015-buy-pink.

One dollar from every pair of each of these styles can go to the charity of choice. Thus far, Thorlos has raised over $534,442 in donations and support for breast cancer charities. Below are the following worthy organizations:

• American Cancer Society
• Breastcancer.org
• CR Wood Cancer Center
• It’s a Journey
• Joy To Life
• Living Beyond Breast Cancer
• National Breast Cancer Coalition

My fellow firefighters and I are also very active and raising awareness locally through the sales of our special pink T shirts. 100% of the profits go to the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. www.tbcc.org.

Again, please join me in supporting the health of feet your feet through Thorlos and support our efforts in extinguishing breast cancer.

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    Fire station 16…You rock!!! Thanks for protecting us and your support!

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