October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I am pleased to partner with Thorlos in their efforts to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer research and education this fall. Both Thorlos and breast cancer have played an important role in shaping my life personally during the past 30 plus years.

My breast cancer diagnosis five years ago gave me an entirely new perspective on life. Sure, I was accustomed to facing formidable opponents across the nets such as Chris Evert or the Williams sisters; however, little did I know at the time that my life’s most challenging opponent would be off the courts…cancer. The day I was told I had breast cancer I considered to be my personal “9/11”. Not only did I feel like I just had the wind knocked out of me, I felt helpless and was genuinely scared.   Exercising regularly and eating healthy were part of my daily regimen, why did I get cancer? Luckily, my cancer was detected early such that the treatment prescribed was successful and I remain in remission today.

My first experience with Thorlos was also not planned. I was living in Texas in the 1980s and forgot to pack my socks for a tennis match. I rushed to a nearby sporting goods store and the sales associate recommended that I try Thorlos, a new activity specific brand of performance tennis socks. Needless to say, I bought a pair, and my experience wearing them was such that I have not worn another brand since. Thorlos owner Jim Throneburg’s passion for innovation and foot health are still the benchmark for performance tennis socks whether you’re an amateur or a professional player.

Thorlos breast cancer pink causeTwo separate, unexpected events in my life have brought me consciously to where I am today. Consumer donations and Thorlos support for breast cancer charities.Thorlos has raised over $534,442 thus far in donations and support for breast cancer charities. Below are the following worthy organizations:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Breastcancer.org
  • CR Wood Cancer Center
  • It’s a Journey
  • Joy To Life
  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • National Breast Cancer Coalition

However, more needs to be done, so this year the number of participating styles will increase from three to six (including new cleated product). https://www.thorlo.com/cause/2015-buy-pink.

Again, please join me in supporting the health of your feet through Thorlos and support their efforts in rallying against breast cancer.

For more information on Thorlos and how you can experience better feeling feet, visit www.thorlo.com


4 response to Martina Navratilova – Facing My Most Challenging Opponent: Breast Cancer

  1. John S. O'Connell


    Best wishes. May the good Lord give you the strength and endurance required to fight this worst opponent.

    1. sally_kay

      Thank you for your kind words of support.


    My Doctor recommended Thorlos many many years ago………………………They have been worn every single day. I used to walk about 5 miles a day——now a little over a mile a day with my 85 lb German Shep.s After all these years AND years (could be 20?–i’m 78 now)………..haven’t ever thrown a pair out that has worn our. They are a must every single day for my walk…………………

    And it was a ‘prescription’ (suggestion) from a doctor. They are like no other socks…….cannot be compared to any other brand. The comfort comes on when the socks come on my foot and the comfort is there throughout.

    thank you tho lo (and THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AMERICAN COMPANY)

    1. sally_kay

      Ms. Abrams,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write and your kind words about Thorlos. We are very pleased to know that they provide your feet with the comfort such that you can enjoy life to fullest. We’re proud, too, that we have and will continue to be an American company. We appreciate the opportunity to be the caretakers of the world’s feet and your testimony exemplifies our mission.

      Kindest regards,

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