“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” ~ Winston S. Churchill

Now that the holiday season has come to an end, has your guilt set in? Now that the feasting is over, are you thinking about ways to get healthier in the New Year? I know I am. Maybe you, too, have goals of regularly going to the gym, eating right and fitting into that old pair of jeans again. But let’s not kid ourselves. This is all much easier said than done. Mobility is a key component to exercise, and exercise is a key component to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The best way to go about achieving a healthier lifestyle is to take baby steps.

feetAnd speaking of steps, did you know that our feet – the source of our mobility – are the most overused, disrespected and misunderstood parts of our bodies? For example, if you had a headache every single day, you probably wouldn’t tell yourself, ‘Oh, well, another day, another headache. That’s just a part of life.’ Now I know that may seem silly, but many people go through that very routine when it comes to sore feet. Additionally, the health of our feet – despite their distance from our heart, can affect our overall health. Aches and pains in our feet can have many causes, and we shouldn’t ignore foot pain or regard it as a normal part of life.

Our feet are the first shock absorbers, whether we are walking, running, or jumping, and they must convey power to the rest of the body. The foot must be rigid enough to withstand propulsion, but also pliable enough to conform to numerous spatial arrangements. You know your feet are important, but do you know how they actually work and how to keep them healthy?

iStock_000017781262SmallAccording to research conducted by the Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH), over 50% of the adults surveyed experience at least one painful foot condition—from blisters, calluses, corns, plantar fasciitis to more serious neuropathy. Another very interesting study found that 71 percent of respondents aged 65 or older reported foot pain and concerns, yet only 39 percent of them had sought medical advice and only 26 percent of them believe their foot concerns were medical conditions.

It makes sense that senior adults tend to experience more concerns with their feet than younger adults simply because they have used them for longer. Women are four times more likely than men to have foot concerns, probably because of the prevalence of high heels. Other conditions, such as diabetes and poor circulation can also affect foot health.

THOR●LO Inc., based in Statesville, North Carolina, is the inventor of padded socks for specific activities and a leader in the preventive foot health business. Through its Thorlos ® brand of padded foot protection (socks), THOR●LO’s purpose and passion is to encourage everyone to embrace life and experience it to its fullest. We know that feet are critical for life, millions of people’s feet are hurting and that no two feet are the same; therefore, we take the time necessary to listen and understand individuals’ situations. In fact, the entire THORLO leadership team -50 out of the company’s overall 250 employees-reviews consumer feedback daily. “We have evolved into being much more than a sock company,” affirms company owner Jim Throneburg. “We are now in the relationship business that provides premier foot protection.”thumb_2501_default_highdef

Whether your job requires you to be on your feet or you want to go for a walk, run, hike, play tennis, ski, etc. Thorlos is the only brand that offers clinically tested padded foot protection in 32 activity specific styles. These products have been clinically tested to reduce pressures, reduce friction, reduce moisture and reduce pain.

Below are a few examples of our most recent consumer feedback:

Male Trail Runner Open Vista“I have tried a number of different running socks and always had pain and blisters when I did high mileage. A friend told me about Thorlos and thought I would give them a try. After my first high mileage run I was hooked. I finished my first full marathon this year with NO heal pain and minimal blisters. These are night and day compared to my old socks and worth every penny! I swear by these socks that I bought several pairs for my mom who suffers from severe foot pain. I will never wear another brand of sock again.” ~ Lexie H.

“My feet are more comfortable and my feet don’t get tired out before I do. Don’t let the seemingly high price fool you – you need to consider value first. These [socks] will outlast four or more pairs of department store socks and your feet will love you again. I just bought four more pairs after being totally satisfied with their free – pair offer. Buy some; your feet will appreciate it.” ~ Richard C.

“These socks are so comfortable, with amazing wicking ability. The padding is in exactly the right palaces. Once again, Thorlo has come up with a great product for happy feet. “~ Ruth H.

“Thorlos are perfect for a diabetic…or for anyone who wants to take care of their feet. I wear Thorlos all the time. Changing socks simply means switching between Thorlos for the last twenty years.” ~ Robert H.

“Thorlos were recommended to me by my son in the military who wears them with his combat boots. I have debilitating plantar fasciitis but use Thorlos hiking socks for all occasionsmautre couple walking hiking and they allow me to walk in comfort. I recommend them to everyone.” ~ David C.

Which brings me back to where we started… making a conscious decision to work toward a healthier lifestyle in 2015. Also, paying attention to our feet and keeping in front of us the fact that preventive foot health is the cornerstone to an overall healthy lifestyle. Failure to proactively care for and protect our feet can mean a reduced quality of life, issues with coordination, balance and gait, all of which produce an increased risk of falling; and can lead to diseases and infections. Like other parts of the body, however, good care and maintenance can go far in promoting health and ensuring that as we age, we are able to remain mobile and independent.

Have you yet experienced the comfort benefits of Thȯrlos®? Visit www.thorlo.com/free-sock-offer/healthy2015 and sign up to receive a free pair.* EXPERIENCE BETTER FEET—BETTER LIFE®

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