Experience the Holidays Comfortably

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, and I have this vision in my head that we’re all lined up with baited breath, like fiery Thoroughbreds snorting and jostling at the starting gate. We’re poised to bolt at the sound of the gun, its echo vibrating through our every being, and a booming voice exclaims, “And they’re off!”

Yes, my friends, it is indeed the eve of the official holiday season’s hustle and bustle. The way I see it, the holiday season for us is in essence what the Triple Crown is to horse racing. Whether we’re cooking, cleaning, shopping, partying, decorating, delivering packages, standing in line, caroling, shoveling snow, sleddihttp://www.dreamstime.com/-image858707ng, skiing, etc. we rely heavily on our feet to accomplish these activities. And I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before, “No foot, no horse.” Exactly the same principle holds true for us.

According to the College of Podiatry, we average between 4000 to 6000 steps per day and our feet carry us the equivalent of five times around the earth during our lifetimes. Another interesting fact is that 70-80% of the adult population experiences some type of foot problem. Now you may be thinking or not – such as the case- that often about your feet, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there’s nothing like the killjoy of foot pain or discomfort. Talk about the agony of defeat when you are unable to enjoy a day filled with fun activities with family and friends, all because your feet hurt. (No pun intended…well, sort of).

As a wife and working mother of two who spends countless hours on my feet during the holiday season, I’ll admit that sometimes I do ‘self-gift’ while shopping for gifts for others. That being said, I’ll let you in on an amazing gift idea…Thorlos.

thumb_1281_product_photogra_highdefThorlos padded foot protection (socks) provides our feet with ergonomic cushioning where they need it most. Thorlos are available in a performance line that offers protection for feet that do not hurt as well as a separate, activity specific line for feet that do hurt. Its engineered padding has been clinically shown to reduce foot conditions by absorbing impact, reduce friction and pressures on the feet, it also has been shown to move moisture away from the foot—important because excessive moisture is a catalyst for blisters, athlete’s foot and other fungal and bacterial infections. And according to some of our consumers, “These are the only socks my husband will wear,” says Irene J. “He LOVES these socks. They are comfortable and durable!” “Awesome socks for living!” adds Linda K. “It’s my favorite every day all-year-round sock. It’s extremely comfortable with the correct amount of padding and support I require without binding.”

Between now and January 4, 2015, Thorlos is offering a buy three pair and get one pair free promotion on line and at participating retailers. 32 activity specific styles are available, each with clinically tested padding that is strategically located on the ball and heel of the foot that reduce pressures, friction and moisture.thumb_2645_product_photogra_highdef

Additionally, Thorlos’ Experia line of products will be available in a four pair gift box ($45 for a $60 value). Visit www.thorlo.com for more information on the holiday promotion.

Get and give the gift of Thorlos comfort during this holiday season. Not only will your feet feel like a champion, but you’ll finish in the winner’s circle among family and friends.

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