Written by Erica L. Thorneburg, LMBT 00183

Welcome back!  I hope you found last week’s message to be both enlightening as well as beneficial. Now, let’s take that message to the next level.  As a neuromuscular massage therapist, not only do I spend a considerable amount of time on my feet,  but I also touch a lot of feet!  Additionally, my specialty requires that I maintain a working knowledge of and experience with assessing one’s gait, alignment and posture.

That being said, I’ve realized that over 50 % of my clients exhibit postural distortion that originates from their feet.   The good news is that once they are made aware of the significance of the alignment of their feet, knees and hips,  the clients begin to connect the dots for themselves…”light bulbs” evolve!   Many admitted that they never considered their feet to be related to their troubles.   In fact, I have witnessed clients improving their chronic neck issues by correcting their posture and alignment from the ground up.   Bottom line is that feet do not have to hurt for a dysfunction to exist.

The steps to follow in identifying a dysfunction require some measures of mindfulness, such as paying attention, catching oneself in mal-alignment and “self-correcting” in real time. The speed at which a more permanent correction may take place depends greatly on the level of importance the clients put forth on becoming mindful of their movements. It can take a while to create a new memory or “pattern” in the musculature, allowing for the bones to re-align. Eventually, the muscles will become “re-educated,” and they will no longer require this level of attention.  Proper balance regained, followed by increased movement, better circulation and energy flow supports stronger, more vibrant health.  In this way, foot health is the foundation upon which whole body wellness rests. Why wouldn’t we put them first?

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Erica Thorneburg has been a massage therapist (specializing in neuromuscular therapy) for over 18 years and provided more than 25,000 hours of massage thus far.

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