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Columbus Day, otherwise known as “Discovery Day” is quickly approaching. Now I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there seems to be an increase in sales promotions during this year’s long holiday weekend as well as more friends and colleagues planning their vacations around it. Would not you agree? Sure we’ve known that Columbus Day is a Federal holiday that commemorates the day back in 1492 when Christopher Columbus first sighted America, but I decided to do a little more research to refresh my memory…quite a bit of time has passed since my days in elementary school history class.

During my fact-finding process, I think it is interesting that Columbus Day did not become a legal holiday in the United States until 1892, 400 years after the famous voyage. Although Columbus was not the first explorer to set foot in the Western Hemisphere, his landing at San Salvador Island in what is now the Bahamas was very important. It opened the way for the settlement of Americans by Europeans. Additionally, English historian and writer Arthur Helps once said, “Columbus had all the spirit of a crusader, and, at the same time, the investigating nature of a modern man of science.”

After reading this information, Helps’ words became engraved within my creative thought processes which bring me to some key points:

Don’t we each embody the spirit of a crusader in varying degrees? Synonyms for crusader include champion, advocate, and campaigner. Whether it is our Male Trail Runner Open Vistaindividual and/or collective goals, we as human beings thrive on achievement, empowerment and mastery. Many of these activities require us to be on our feet. That’s where Thorlos® padded foot protection (socks) can help us all excel in our respective crusades. In fact, Thorlos is indeed a crusader for being ‘the caretakers of the world’s feet.’

I’m sure you are now thinking, “Come on, how can a ‘sock’ play such an important role in my everyday life? Most times my feet are the last thing I think about.” It’s true, many people do not think about their feet, and they do take them for granted…until they hurt. My question back to you would be, “Whether or not your feet hurt now, why would you not want to take preventative measures to increase the likelihood that they don’t?”
At THOR●LO, we are Southern craftsmen committed to empathically serving the best foot health interests of our loyal customers (current and future). Whether that be for a teenager at a grueling two-week basketball camp or a retired person focused on being as active as possible. This is how we think about feet…how they allow us to do what we need and love to do.

thumb_2501_default_highdefThorlos clinically tested padded foot protection (socks) have developed 32 activity specific products that are engineered specifically for feet that do hurt as well as those that do not hurt. What’s important to note here is the anatomy of our feet, more specifically their fat pads. When we are born, we have plump, fat pads on our feet (located just behind the balls of our feet and on our heels) that act as cushion. As we age, the density of those pads dissipates. Thorlos offers varying degrees of cushioning that are strategically placed and act as a buffer between our foot and our shoe. These pads have been clinically tested to reduce pressures, reduce friction, reduce moisture, and reduce pain. We know of no other brand that goes to this cost and effort to help us be at our best. We go “beyond” the normal because after 30 years of taking care of all kinds of feet for all kinds of athletes, we know the desire to go “beyond” to do the things we are passionate about.

“These socks are easy on the feet and have been a pleasure to own, offers wearer Bill H. “I can be fussy about how well a sock is made. Many hype color or thumb_1237_default_largestyle but don’t always fit well or feel good on the foot. From the moment I put them on I felt the quality and excellence in the workmanship. As a bonus they also illuminate the need to wear double socks in the cooler weather.” “I fell in serious like of Thorlo Socks around 1989 when they were suggested to me by a doctor associate to help prevent the blisters I was getting from running/jogging/walking,” adds wearer Sharon O. “I have loved them ever since haven’t had a blister since, except when I forget and wear any other brand to do serious exercise. [Thorlos] Saved my FEET!!!!!”

cross-logo_v8This brings us back to where we started: Christopher Columbus the crusader and discoverer of America. Take this opportunity to enjoy your surroundings internally and externally. Self- discovery, too, can be a compelling experience. And of course, it goes without saying, experience the utmost in comfort for your feet through Thorlos Beyond Socks© padded foot protection.

We’ve made this discovery particularly easy through our free pair* offer

*$4.90 S & H fee

2 response to Columbus May Have Discovered America But…

  1. Paul May

    The best socks in the world. Am running my 3rd Melbourne Marathon tomorrow (and also ran Chicago in 2013) and would not have my feet in anything else! I have run ‘000s of kms in training and my Thorlos (I have 8 pairs) are the first things I lay out before I go to bed so they are ready for me when I wake.

    1. sally_kay

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks so much for your kind words about Thorlos. We appreciate your continued support and the opportunity to be the caretaker of your feet!

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