Protector of the World’s Feet Is Always Here

Adyana de la Torre-Brucker Shares Her Story

About Adyana: New York-Based Actress who was in “The Good Wife” and in the UpNetwork TV
movie, “Saving Westbrook High”. She produced/directed numerous theatrical productions in NYC
including, Gymnos: A Geek’s Tragedy at HERE Arts Center, in which she originated the role of Jiggy, a
feisty latin dance instructor. One of her most memorable roles was the female lead in Ticket 2 Eternity by Matthew Ethan Davis at The New York International Fringe Festival.

Additionally, Adyana has been a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years in NC and NYC. She has been featured in over a dozen fitness workout videos and infomercials including Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift, 28 Day Total Body Transformations, Urban Rebounding Extreme, Blood Type Workout, Women’s Health Magazine Workout, and more. She has led fitness test groups for Beachbody’s Slim in 6 and Gaiam’s The Firm as well as produced and led numerous fitness events in NYC including New Balance Girls Night Out. Adyana currently trains and coaches classes at OrangeTheory Fitness in Charlotte, NC.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I am pleased to partner with Thorlos® in their efforts
to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer research and education.

Movement is of the utmost importance, particularly for those who are fighting and/or recovering from breast cancer. The benefits of fitness have been clearly established both physically and mentally. I’m always eager to bring out the inner strength of the women I work with by encouraging them to ‘fight like a girl!’

When Thorlos contacted me about helping them with their breast cancer awareness campaign, of
course I wanted to help. Being coined as the ‘Protector of the World’s Feet,’ I can speak first-hand as
to how cause walkers who punish their feet to raise money and awareness need to protect their feet
in order to experience all the great emotions associated with such efforts. My mantra is simple:

Below is a poem that I wrote which conveys not only my passion for an active lifestyle, but more importantly the role feet play in making it possible:

Thorlos: Protector of My Feet

Our feet follow us wherever we go
They guide and support our every step, our run, our gallop, our skip, our waltz
They comfort our stride, our gait, our shift, our balance
They share in the joys in our walks of life
They energize us from the ground up, — they build us up
They inspire us to move and awaken our senses
They experience our joys, our battles and our most glorious victories
They are the foundation, the rock on which we stand on
They are our transportation, leading with direction and purpose
Our feet, — overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible.

Thorlos, otherwise known as the ‘Caretakers of the World’s Feet,’ has raised over $534,000 in donations and support thus far during the past eight years in their efforts for breast cancer with those funds being donated to the
following worthy organizations:

• American Cancer Society/Making Strides For Breast Cancer
• CR Wood Cancer Center
• It’s the Journey – Atlanta 2-Day Walk
• Joy To Life Foundation
• Living Beyond Breast Cancer
• National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

Thorlos is offering six select styles and will donate one dollar for every pair of these styles sold to one of the charities mentioned above or the charity of your choice.

Again, please join me in supporting the health of feet your feet through Thorlos and support their
efforts in rallying against breast cancer.

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